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You save money on shipping with us.

Ordering from us considerably lowers your shipping rate and allows you to control every aspect of your order- the bargain wholesale prices, the fast and efficient Door-to-Door shipping service, and the lowest shipping rates in the world.

Our presented prices do not include shippment.
To recieve the total cost of your order, please email us with the product's ID and the desired quantity at:
or call 972-547296988 (In Israel)
Shippment is performed by EMS, Israel's airmail shipping service, which is the most cost effective air courier service in the world.

Thinking of ordering authentic and genuine Holyland art-crafts and souvenirs from the Holyland? You have two alternatives;

An expensive local supplier

Double your shipment costs purchasing via an expensive local supplier. First he imports the products to your country and then he re-ships it to you. Don’t forget to add your local supplier's hidden costs; the costly warehouse and storage fees and the double shipping & handling fees, all adding up to a very high cost, which lowers your profit range.


Holyland Wholesale

Save more than twice the money ordering directly from us. Avoid the costly double shipping, and enjoy our door-to-door shipping service with the lowest shipping rates in the world.

Israel's EMS air courier service allows shipping of packages up to 20 Kg. If your order weighs more than 20 Kg, we simply split your order into several packages, each weighing 20 Kg, so you enjoy shipping rates even lower than your local importer!

Ordering with us, you enjoy 100% control of your shipping rates and the lowest shipping rates in the world.

Which option looks better?


For any questions or requests, please contact us at;


or phone (in Israel)- 972-547296988

We are looking forward to serve you,

Shahar Cohen

Holyland Wholesale.

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contact us at 972-547-296988
(in Israel)
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