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  Before you start creating your website please read this page along with the Tutorial page. These pages will help you get started.

Adding a page to the navigation structure
In the Folder List, select the page and drag it to the position in the structure where you want it.

How to modify the included page
Included Page function is used in this template. Once you modify the area where the Included Page function is used in the associated file, your changes will automatically appear on all pages.

1. Copyright in each page -> includes/copyright.htm
2. Information box on the right in each page -> includes/info_box.htm
3. Company Logo in each page -> includes/logo.htm
4. Global menu at the top on each page -> includes/menu_global.htm
5. Main menu at the top on each page -> includes/menu_main.htm

Replacing the Flash Text
1. Open the flash_text.txt file included in the web folder in FrontPage.
2. Please replace the underlined text to yours as follows:

&intro_1=Add your slogan here
&intro_2=Add your slogan here


&intro_1=Change to your own text
&intro_2=Change to your own text

3. Save them.

Replacing the current logo with your own
Make sure your logo file is saved in a transparent GIF file format. And do not add a logo that is larger than the maximum height stated on the logo.
1. Delete the current logo in the logo.htm page.
2. Add your own logo (on the Insert menu, go to Picture>From File).
3. Save.

Replacing the flash images
1. Create your own images and save each file name as follows:

* For the flash movie in the index page
- image_intro_01_1.jpg
- image_intro_01_2.jpg
- image_intro_02_1.jpg
- image_intro_02_2.jpg
- image_intro_03_1.jpg
- image_intro_03_2.jpg
- image_intro_04_1.jpg
- image_intro_04_2.jpg

* For the flash movie in sub pages
- image_main_01.jpg
- image_main_02.jpg
- image_main_03.jpg
- image_main_04.jpg

2. Copy and paste the images into the images folder.

Importing the modified flash movie into your web
1. In Normal view in FrontPage, select the current flash movie and delete.
2. On the Insert menu, click Web Component.
3. In the left pane, click Advanced Controls.
4. In the right pane, double-click Plug-In.
5. In the Data source box, type the URL of the file (your modified .swf file), or click Browse to locate the file.
6. Specify the width and height of your flash movie.
7. Click OK.

The images contained in this product were acquired from:

Microsoft Office Marketplace

Note: Images used in this templates were acquired from Microsoft Office Marketplace website. They offer free images and clip arts for the Microsoft Office users. You may install and use a copy of the Images in accordance with the end user license agreement that accompanied your Software Product.

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