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Product ID: 100141
Holy Land fragrance pillow
Holy Land fragrance pillow

Specializing in comfort pillows and room sachets that are based on aromatherapy. Room sachets filled with gentle aromas of lavender or lavender and geranium. 

Hand printed scenes from the Holy Land on each pillow.

Herbs have been used since the beginning of time and have been spiritually proven that “Holy land “ herbs have a healing quality. The portable Holy Land Dream pillow can go wherever you go because it is compact and light and is a great gift to always remember the Holy Land.

Stress from work, family activities and everyday concerns can upset sleeping patterns. Our blends won’t remove the reasons for the stress but they often will give a better quality of sleep by preventing unpleasant dreams. 

Our dream blends offer a peaceful and safe place to be. Our Romance of the Negev blend offers a sensual, sweet, safe, and always enjoyable place in our dreams that we like to return to again and again.  Aroma of Jerusalem is especially suitable for those who suffer from nightmares.

HolyLand Dream pillows are a wonderful gift for a traveler, or a loved one in need. The relaxing fragrance the magical scents of the Holy Land herbs protects ones sleep and gives a dreamlike peacefulness.  

Size of pillow is 12cmx15cm. 

Colors- order the colors you wish.

Made with Natural Herbs from the Holy Land.

You can choose from 3 differnt ngredients:

Aroma of Jerusalem:  Roses, rosemary, lavender and lemon grass (calming affect against nightmares)

Romance of the Negev: Roses, rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena, mint, cloves and cinnamon.

Pines of the Carmel: Roses, lavender, pine needles, cinnamon, cloves and mint.  (Creative and adventures dreams)

Use: Tuck into your pillow-case. The movement of your head during your sleep will release the herb's subtle aromas. 

May take a few days before you notice a change in your dreams and sleep. The scents from the pillows last up to 4 months.

Price: $6.29

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