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Product ID: 100147
The chronicale of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land-Book
The chronicale of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land-Book

 Holy Land book is now heralded as one of the best artistic books by top book editors and Christian leaders. Along with a great reverence treatment and professionals team, such as historical experts, researchers, book editors, designers etc, the book is now recommended to all readers and believers.


The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an historical book and album consists of rare records and almost thousand enchanting illustrations.

The book is opened with the birth of Jesus and describes the origins of the Christianity. As the Christianity in the Byzantine period began, many of the pilgrims' adventures in the holy land were recorded. This book brings these rare records and other descriptions of pilgrims' history in the last two thousand years.

The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land book introduces thousands of rare and authentic pieces gathered to one special piece.

The book may be offered as a gift to a customers, friends, family or employees, and may be customized according your request; the occasion and the audiences you specify.

In addition, a few extra pages can be produced to add a personal touch to the look, maintaining the newspaper reporting style of the album.

Furthermore, you can find the book with a Spanish, Portuguese and Italian version. If you wish to other languages, the book can be provided upon request.

With 11 illustrated and explained chapters, the holy land pilgrimage book follows the history, stories and legends of the pilgrims in the holy land since Jesus birth until today. Here are short reviews of all the chapters of the book:

As the holyland pilgrimage book is opened with the footsteps of Jesus, the origins of the Christian religious are revealed in its entirety charm to the reader. This first chapter describes the holy family, the birth of Jesus, events and activities in his life and his death.

We can recognize the beginning of the Christianity in the Byzantine period. In the second chapter, the holy land pilgrimage book describes this mysterious period with the first pilgrims and emperors, the True Cross in Jerusalem and the impressive buildings.

The thirst chapter of the holy land pilgrimage book begins when the holy land was under the Arab occupation and continues with the Arab period (including the Temple Mount) until the continuation of the pilgrimage.

The end of the 11th century indicates the beginning of the reoccupation of the Christians. The fourth chapter of the holy land pilgrimage book describes, with fascinating descriptions, the Kingdom of Jerusalem sparks; the crusades, the knights and the prospering of places in the holy land. In the chapter afterward, the holy land pilgrimage book exposes the fall of the Byzantine Empire and the decline of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Alongside the prospering of Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Muslims decline as well. In chapter number six, the holyland pilgrimage book brings descriptions of the Muslims return to the holy land and the pilgrims under the Mameluke Conquest. The holy land pilgrimage book continues with the Muslims occupation in chapter seven, 16th -18th century, when the holy land becomes part of the Ottoman Empire and the Turks build walls around Jerusalem.

The 19th century is well remembered due to the French Revolution. The eighth chapter of the book takes the readers to a tour through Napoleon's journey to the holy land.

The ninth chapter of the holy land pilgrimage book describes Modern Age; believers, kings and scholars from all over the world arrive to the holy land in the 19th century.

The fall of the Ottoman Empire in the 20th century brought the rise in Christian building. In chapter ten the book views the influences of the First World War, as well as the British forces in the holy land.

The last chapter of the holy land pilgrimage book describes the 20th Pilgrimage; new and restoration building, Pope John Paul II, processions and other major events

Price: $49.95

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