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  24 karat gold plated Jordan River Cross pendant

Holy Land Wholesale offers a large variety of Holy land gifts and souvenirs of the highest quality at wholesale prices.


We have many designs of olive wood Crosses and Crucifixes, and Jordan River water souvenirs, as well as Holy land Christian and Catholic gifts.

Holyland Olive wood Cross +set of 3 bottles   Holy Jordan Water

  Holy Land gifts sets      Jordan River gift package

Contact us for information regarding our Holy Land products and designs at-


 Holyland olive wood Cross with set of 4 bottles   Set of 3 bottles- essence of the Holyland

 Cross/Crucifix gift set     Holy Land elements

We have several hundred different designs of olive wood Christmas ornaments.

Our Holy Land products range

Jordan River Water for spiritual and Baptism use (available in gift packages in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Greek).

Products containing sacred elements such as soil, stones, earth and flowers from the holy places (Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth the Jordan River and sea of Galilee).

Pure virgin olive oil from the olive trees of the Holy Land.

Printed drip less candles of the Holy places.

Blessing cards with sacred elements (soil, flowers and frankincense) of the Holy Land


Our olive wood gift products

 We offer a large variety of hand made olive wood items, such as:

Genuine olive wood Christmas decorations

Olive wood key rings and key holders with laser carvings and sacred images (available with custom designs)

Olive wood pendants, pins and magnets.

Biblical figurines.

Various Olive wood Crosses and Crucifixes in bulk and in high quality gift packages.

Wooden hand made religious icons.

Olive wood pendants injected with acrylic glazing with sacred elements of the Holy Land.

Olive wood rosaries and olive wood beads.


All of our products are of the Holy Land, made in Israel.

Please contact us for additional questions at-


Phone- 972-547296988 (In Israel)

Christmas tree ornament (natural bark)   2-D
    Natural olive wood Christmas tree ornaments

We have endless designs of 3-D olive wood Christmas ornaments.

Olivewood Christmas tree ornament 3D Star (Xmas tree)    Christmas tree 3-D Holyland olivewood ornament (Nativity) with ribon

    3-D olive wood Christmas tree ornaments

Click on the rosary images below to view our unique designs of Holy Land olive wood rosaries.

      Olive wood twined Rosary from the Holyland   Rosary carved Cross from Holyland olive wood (carved oval)

         Holy Land olive wood rosaries

We have several dozens of unique olive wood pendants- some with stained glass filling. You can order them with a certificate of authentication or bulk.

      Holy Land olive wood dove pendant- acrylic filled   Olive wood pendant (large)

           Holy Land olive wood Cross pendants

 Click on the icon images below to view our Holy Land icons with Jerusalem stone. You can order your own design as well. Just email us at-


        Holy Land religious icon- praying  Holyland icon of Jesus

 Holy Land Religious icons with a Jerusalem stone

All products are accompanied by an official certificate of authentication signed by the largest church in the Holy land.

We have endless designs of olive wood nativity sets. Some are really large, and other are miniature for hanging as a Christmas tree ornament. They arrive in a individual package or bulk.

   Olivewood nativity scene- Large Olive wood Nativity

      Holy Land olive wood nativity scene sets

For any question regarding our order policy, please contact us:

email- sales@holyland-wholesale.com
Phone- 972-547296988 (In Israel)


View our Holy Land olive wood art craft.

    Jesus bust- Olive wood, Natural  Praying hands- Holy Land olive wood.

         Holy Land olive wood crafts and art

Please view our collection of Holy Land religious candles.

       Holyland dripless painted candles (3 in a pack)  33 painted candles (Russian)

                  Holy Land religious candles

We have quite a few of unusual products from the Holy Land, such as
our newest best-seller, a stone from St. John the Baptist cave!

St. John the baptist's cave


We have quite a few of 24 karat gold plated Holy Land lucky charms and pendants that contain soil from the Holy Land and Jordan River water.

     Holy Land Terra Santa glass pendant   Sea of Galilee Cross glass pendant

            Holy Land elements- Lucky Charms

Established in 1986, Holy Jordan Water (HJW) is one of the biggest and most respected manufacturers of genuine Holy land religious items and art-crafts.

Enjoy Holy Jordan Water's (H.J.W.) world-wide reputation and experience, and order the best selling Holy land religious art-crafts.

For any questions about ordering, please contact us at-

email- sales@holyland-wholesale.com

Phone- 972-547296988 (In Israel)

Holy land Wholesale: Wholesale religious and inspirational olive wood souvenirs: Christian, Catholic and Baptism gifts from the Holy land.

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